Writing articles tips and techniques

By The Fastweb Team August 20, Writing an essay often seems to be a dreaded task among students.

Writing articles tips and techniques

Without them the story may never be told. They assemble the material they have at hand and which they have researched and uncovered, and then they make the most important decision of all by asking the question - is there a story?

Thousands of possible stories disappear each day because they fail to make it through this first stage of the production process, let's try to make sure that yours don't. If you decide that there is a story, you then need to think through which part or parts of it are of potential interest.

This affects how should you tell the story, what angle you should take and the main points you should try to get across. Perhaps even more importantly, what you can leave out.

There is almost never enough time or space for all your material.

writing articles tips and techniques

Something usually has to go, and it's as well to start thinking about this sooner rather than later. Knowing what can be left out is a skill Writing a news story is a personal thing There are as many ways to write a story as there are people prepared to do it. Some will be better than others, some may even be dreadful, but they will all be different.

There is no pro forma or template to replace individual thought and application. Despite what you may hear about the objectivity of news, you as the writer cannot help being subjective because you are applying your own judgement and values. The important thing is that your judgement is not just a personal preference.

It is guided and based on journalistic principles. If you are knocked down by a car and break a leg, a limited number of people will be interested - your family and friends, of course, your employer, your insurance company, and just about nobody else.

The incident is unlikely to make a news item. If the president of your country is involved in a road accident, that is front-page news and maybe even the lead item in broadcast news bulletins.

There is no template to replace individual thought and application Is a story newsworthy? The different responses to these two events are a matter of judgement, of news judgement. A range of considerations comes into play every time you have to decide if a story is newsworthy or not.

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Here are some of them: Is it reliable, trustworthy, independent, honest, believable? If you have doubts, can you carry out checks?Writing a news story is a personal thing There are as many ways to write a story as there are people prepared to do it.

Some will be better than others, some may . Sep 20,  · The 10 Article Writing Tips And Techniques September 20, / 35 Comments If perhaps you’re writing for books, writing for magazines, . Writing Tips A great content piece is punchy, concise and compelling. You've only got the readers attention for a few seconds, and even the most interested can't help but be easily distracted by pinging texts and full email inboxes.

Nov 14,  · Therefore, learning creative writing tips and techniques before writing is very essential.

Creative Writing Techniques and Craft Tips

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writing articles tips and techniques

These writing and storytelling techniques will teach you a few tricks of the trade you may not have discovered before: 3 Tips to “Show, Don’t Tell” Emotions and Moods 3 Reasons to Write Stream of Consciousness Narrative. 8 Proofreading Tips And Techniques By Sharon - 2 minute read Whether you are writing a magazine article, a college essay or an email to a client, getting your text free of mistakes is essential.

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