Writing a ucas reference for a mature student examples of electronic portfolios

Search Using Technology Electronic Portfolios in the K Classroom The use of personal portfolios for assessment and presentation long has been a component of higher education. In fact, personal portfolios are a graduation requirement at many colleges and universities. Now, electronic portfolios have begun to enter the world of K education as well. Learn what electronic portfolios are and discover how they can help you and benefit your students.

Guidelines for Creating a Professional E-portfolio Overview of E-portfolios Expectations of showcasing electronic evidence of student accomplishments have grown significantly in recent years and will continue to accelerate. For example some employers require electronic copies of placement files and are more closely examining e-portfolios as complements if not replacements to standard binder portfolios.

For an appreciation of this trend read this article http: A professional e-portfolio provides evidence of your best work that collectively showcases your skills, knowledge, and experiences to prospective employers or entrance into graduate school.

You acquire important technical skills including Web page design and publishing, inserting hypertext, working with digital media, adding gadgets, editing basic HTML code, and file and folder organization.

Furthermore these skills are enhanced, interacting with each other during the e-portfolio building process. In general, the longer the process the more these skills are reinforced and retained. Initially tools for creating e-portfolios were cumbersome, difficult to use-and-access, expensive, and proprietary.

The transition to social media applications e. Facebook, Flickr, Blogger, Twitter have accelerated the movement towards owned, user student created content. These applications only require the use of a web browser. The adoption of Google Apps with Google Sites has provides a comprehensive solution for Elmira College students to create e-portfolios in a web 2.

writing a ucas reference for a mature student examples of electronic portfolios

Quotes from students who have completed e-portfolios: It gave me an extra edge over other applicants. It has also helped me become much more knowledgeable and comfortable with webpage design and creation. I have no doubt that my website was a determining factor in the application process.

It gave employers a real meaning to the phrase 'proficiency in web design' that might have otherwise been overlooked on my resume.

I have no doubt that my site has had a positive effect on my first impression to employers by providing a pre-interview notion of my personality, professionalism, and creativity.

I have had great successes in my job search because I have made every effort to do at least a few things completely different than my peers. An e-portfolio has been one of the most effective.

Overview of Your Professional E-portfolio With Google Sites you can create a comprehensive professional e-portfolio that includes your service to the community, a resume, study abroad if applicable, internship if completed, a page of outside interests, and at least one course page that documents your reflections.

Creating an e-portfolio provides a number of benefits: Below are a series of suggested steps to help guide you through developing your e-portfolio. Step 1 - Read through the slide show presentation below. Although the presentation is titled Teacher Education E-portfolios, concepts apply to any major.

This presentation defines an e-portfolio, shows its value in integrating "isolated islands of knowledge" including information and skills and acquired outside the classroom, lists goals for students and what they acquire, and explains the importance of reflection and student ownership. Embed gadget Step 2: Carefully browse through and take note of a variety of student e-portfolios For a listing of Elmira College student e-portfolios go to http: Please note that these e-portfolios provide opportunities to not only appreciate student-owned work but also to provide ideas on what you might include in your web site.

On the other hand, your e-portfolio is your creation and is thus unique. Below are two examples from the list. International Studies and Political Science: PowerPoint presentations, research projects, lesson plans, essays, and other documents that demonstrate your mastery of subject matter related to your major and interests.

Take your photograph optionalcreate PDF documents from original artifacts such as Word resumes and papers, search Internet Web sites for your links page, and write a draft of your personal statement.

Images, mp3 sound recordings, and QuickTime movies should be optimized for Web publishing. Take advantage of the computers in the Multimedia Resource Lab that provide software, special purpose hardware, and quickstart guides to create and convert images, sounds, animation, and movies.

Have students, faculty, and staff review your portfolio and give you feedback.While the test group did improve students’ writing scores, the overall results indicated that electronic portfolios are more of a helpful tool than an essential practice for writing improvement.

That being said, there were many unintended positive outcomes of the study.

writing a ucas reference for a mature student examples of electronic portfolios

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Mature Students. RCS welcomes applications from mature students, i.e. students over the age of 21 at entry to the programme. Portfolios must be submitted online using Acceptd. It is your responsibility to ask two separate referees to write references and ensure that these are sent to RCS. is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her.

This site, created by a professor of education at the University of Vermont, provides links to resources about online portfolios for K students, online portfolios in higher education, selection of portfolio software, and online articles about electronic portfolios. If you are applying as a graduate or mature student not currently in full time education, you can register with UCAS directly in order to submit your application.

You cannot apply directly to a UK medical school to study Medicine.

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