Thesis padini brand

Besides, Miki kids is also one of the example of product differentiation where the design is specialty for kids. In short, PADINI use the differentiation of image and product like unique design and brand image to position the products in the consumer minds.

Thesis padini brand

Analysis of Malaysian investment company Padini holdings Berhad

Padini has setup its operation in Malaysia's apparel industry, processing and trading. Its product line includes clothes for men, women and children; women shoes, maternity wear and products for men, women and children.

It functions in Malaysia and Hong Kong. Its main purpose is to market Malaysia as a "affordability shopping destination". This extreme approach attracts the tourist to look at the local apparel outlets, which in turn would increase international visitor spending and boosts our country's foreign exchange earnings.

This would also encourage the Malaysians to look locally, which would profit Padini Holdings Bhd in terms of these sales. It has created a chance for the domestic companies.

However the side effect of such activities would induce the domestic market and escalates the number of opponents in the local market. Nevertheless, Padini Holdings would still stick out as market leader.


Economic Factors Malaysia's economic progress is usually to be has been unstable fluctuating from The best growth was over March to September which boosts from -7, 8 to 5.

The financial growth is expected to be because of the home market with development in the private sector.

Thesis padini brand

The government also consequently launched a countrywide campaign on smart spending, with the aim to educate consumers on the importance of local demand on the GDP growth and economic restoration as a whole.

Social Factors Malaysian is categorized as an top middle-income country, and regarded as one of the most developed on the list of developing countries.

Middle class households defined as those getting between RM1, and RM3, monthly, and has increased from The low-income group, grouped by household income as high as RM1, monthly, spends a percentage of this amount on food.

In the meantime, the high and middle income households spend almost all of their money at hypermarkets. Malaysia's consumers' lifestyle has been changing for the better because of the surge in education levels.

Visible vendors as well as global mass media have shaped consumers' buying behavior, resulting in the Malaysians being more westernized. The Malaysian's life leisure life revolves around trendy stores.

Therefore Padini Holdings Bhd has to be more upgrade with the latest movements. They have to advertise and keep the consumers enlightened and reminded that they still exist and provide the clients with quality and trendy clothes.

Technological Factor With the web and e-commerce, retailers can now sell their products online and deliver it to customers on the door-step efficiently in just a timely manner. It could make customers' life more convenient as they don't have to get their house to visit buy a product in the hypermarket and making the purchase at the comfort of their own house.

Furthermore, retailers can also sell their products to the overseas market without the need to open a physical store in the foreign country.

This helps Padini Holdings to earn more profit using online intermediaries and spend less by not establishing new stores using areas. Most company now is equally big in terms of size.

When the organizations are of equal size, they have to compete for the same resources such as brand image, market share, customers' loyalty, and other factor. This would result in a high rivalry and a hazard for Padini Holdings Bhd, especially since its challengers: Hence, Padini must compete with intense strategies, such as starting more outlet stores and creating new and trendier designs and styles to fully capture customers' attention.

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Cost of transitioning is low The cost of transitioning is low, because customer will only have to compare prices of competition clothing and services offered.

They are able to also compare the varieties of the clothing season. This increases the rivalry among competition and Padini will never stop fighting against Bonia, Esprit, Giordano to ensure that they make a deal, and that customers will always keep retuning because of the trendy clothing styles.

This is a big get for the competitors because constant advertising matters in calling to the customers. Threat of Substitutes In the retailing and making industry for apparels, there is absolutely no visible swap, because clothing is a basic need and need.

However, there are potential substitutes in getting to the customers. This is in the form of a non-retailing store, where by it is slowly and gradually gathering popularity in the Parts of asia. Non-retailing include direct email, online shopping, direct mailers, phone sales, door-to-door advertising.

Nevertheless the treat of substitutes is fragile, because there is not an accessibility yet on clothing only perhaps online shopping which happens to be available at large, but hasn't gained reputation in the Asian culture.

The electricity of Buyers Padini has the same customer platform as its opponents. Therefore, transitioning cost is low if customers are not satisfied with the product quality, and service offered it can swap easily to its competition and purchase from them.

The issue here is the fashion, how fashionable is the products of Padini and does it supply the less expensive to the customers than its adversary.

The bargaining power of buyers here is moderate, and they can impact fashion and style.The PADINI Concept Store is a concept store that selling all PADINI Holdings brands in one store or “one stop shopping”. The first outlet that starting to operate in Malaysia was located in Johor Bharu City Square, a shopping complex in Johor Bharu, Malaysia.

Padini is a both a brand and a counter that needs little introduction. The overall thesis of this article is that Padini has in the last years suffered both in share price and profitability due to aggressive opening of new stores and offloading old stock at deep discounts due to the imminent GST.

Market and company analysis of padini Recommendation After the overall marketing research regarding this company, we would make some recommendation about the product, market development, marketing technique, public promotion and sales rules and regulation.

Padini brands padini padini authentics description garments for office and official occasion for mid’s and 30’s for both gender. Thesis padini brand. Essay about business essay about business words may 10th, 10 pages show more the first of the group's multi-brand shops, the padini shop, was.

Thesis padini brand

Established businesses like Padini, Elba, and Bonia already have brand identification and customer loyalties. It includes taken many years to obtain this through heavy expenditures allocated to advertising, creating a good customer service, creating the products with style and fashion.

Padini Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. Padini has setup its operation in Malaysia’s apparel industry, manufacturing and trading. Its product line includes garments for men, women and children; women shoes, maternity wear and fashion accessories for men, women and children..

It operates in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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