Syllabus advanced corporate finance spring

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Syllabus advanced corporate finance spring

Syllabus advanced corporate finance spring

Group project Class participation This course examines the large and growing body of law addressing relationships between human activities and the environment, including the legal regimes governing air, water, toxic chemicals, hazardous waste, resource use, biodiversity and ecosystems, and climate change.

The course assesses key features of these legal regimes, including the array of rationales for environmental protection ethical, economic ; the choice of policy instruments e.

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Throughout the course, we will study how each component of this body of law handles four key questions: How serious a problem risk assessment and priority-setting? How much protection is desirable risk management and tradeoffs?

How to achieve this protection instrument choice? Who decides and acts upon these questions federalism, branches and levels of government, and institutions? The focus is on the U. This course, Lawis intended for professional and graduate students, and is also cross-listed as Environ in the Nicholas School of the Environment.

The Law School and the law professor teaching this course do not have "permission numbers. For undergraduate students, the Nicholas School offers a different course, Environ Finance courses cover the fundamentals of banking, accounting, finance management, bookkeeping, corporate finance, and financial analysis.

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Advanced topics include financial engineering, forensic accounting, and asset pricing. Advanced Corporate Finance Description: Covers advanced topics in corporate finance, including complex valuations, static and dynamic capital structure, risk management, and real options.

Also considers security design, restructuring, bankruptcy, corporate control and governance, and international finance . Advanced Corporate Finance.

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3. [{none}COM3] Give students a better appreciation of the techniques and theories of corporate finance and investments that may have been introduced in introductory finance courses. Knowledge about M&A is an important component of any corporate finance professional and is the foundation for effective work in a wide range of fields including corporate development, investment banking, consulting, and advising senior management.

2 graduate hours. Finance CORPORATE FINANCE COURSE SYLLABUS Prof.

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Simon Gervais Fall – Term 2 (Finance ). In fact, the course makes use of mathematical and statistical manipulations at the same level as in Finance Calculus will not be used in this course at all.

Duke University, Corporate Finance (Finance ), Course Syllabus.

Syllabus advanced corporate finance spring

Exploring Finance 1. What is Finance? Finance covers most aspects of economic activity including how markets price different financial instruments and their cash flows under conditions of uncertainty and risk as well as how firms.

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