Primer on the proposed bangsamoro basic

Among the invited participants were selected group of tri-people, representatives from the church, academe, groups of students, women, MNLF Christian Affairs, local NGO, and the business sector. The program started with an interfaith prayer. She gave the rationale of the activity and explained the importance of focus group discussion on BBL as the right venue to get the collective views of the ordinary people from the grassroots level through a process of consultation. The FGD workshop was facilitated by Prof.

Primer on the proposed bangsamoro basic

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Referendums in the Philippines Also Cordillera should be separate and distinct federal state from other Northern Luzon states. My ideal proposed 15 federal states for the Republic:
“BBL will be ready for signing into law by June”-Sen. Sotto ~ Philippines Insurgency First delivered at the College Faculty Assembly of 4 Junevariations of this address were also given to assemblies of our basic education units and the university staff.

Among the priority programs in the BDP during the next two years are the provision of water and sanitation services; improvement of access to health services Philhealth and mass immunization and education adult literacy and madrasahprovision of livelihood assistance and skills training; provision of electricity and agriculture infrastructure support; and construction of access roads.

The BBL proposes giving the Bangsamoro government the power to create its sources of revenues and levy taxes, fees and charges. See infographics for other sources of financing. This should also be supported by the entry of Islamic banking and financial institutions, for Bangsamoro communities to access financial services and products.

Investing in women and adult education Rasul likewise stressed the importance of investments in women and education, as these are shown to lead to dramatic increases in development.

According to the census, there are almostadults without education in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao ARMMwhile more thanadults did not finish elementary. Connective infrastructure Another priority investment for the Bangsamoro is physical infrastructure that allows far-flung areas to be efficiently connected to the regional or metropolitan trade centers.

Primer on the proposed bangsamoro basic

Rood agreed with Lim that rebuilding commerce and trade, and linking conflict-affected areas to areas of growth, will gradually allow healthy economic relationships between Bangsamoro areas and other areas in Mindanao.

Lim further said that investments should be strategically directed towards the social and human capital of the Bangsamoro people, to generate employment and bring down poverty, which is a major source of conflict in the region.

What makes Islamic banking different? Islam prohibits interest charging, as this equates with usury riba ; forbids speculative transactions involving risks gharar ; and avoids transactions on sinful things haramsuch as pork, alcohol and gambling.

With these tenets, Islamic banks observe profit and loss sharing, encourage entrepreneurship and promote social development activities. Some features of an Islamic bank are as follows: Such penalties may be donated to charity or used to offset collection costs. A Primer on Islamic Finance.

Islamic Banking and Finance in the Philippines: Speech during the Islamic Banking and Finance Workshop.Submission to the Ad Hoc Committee on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, House of Representatives Congress, 18 November AD HOC COMMITTEE.

ON THE BANGSAMORO BASIC LAW. House of Representatives. Congress, Manila Statement on the proposed draft consolidated Bill “Prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

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bangsamoro basiC law the t C shall Cease to exist upon the enaCtment of the bangsamoro basiC law Certifi ation of the proposed bangsamoro basiC law as an urgent bill by the president submission of the basiC law to ongress drafting of the bangsamoro basi law president aquino signed executive order on dec.

17, by the t C. In All Honesty,” we said the New BTC (Bangsamoro Transition Commission) could craft a new Bangsamoro basic law and present it to President Rodrigo R. Duterte by July 24, for submission to the Congress if the New BTC were the only body to draft the basic . Group to publish primer on federalism.

Feb. 13, Parcasio also added that the primer highlighted some of the basic structures of the proposed form of government such as the scope of its powers, changes in command, system, benefits, processes, among others.

namely the BangsaMoro and the lausannecongress2018.comMoro will cover the CAB. Moro Islamic Liberation Front. ZC Moro Community Leaders, peace advocates converge, discuss social and political issues confronting Bangsamaoro people. The current peace process between the Government of the Philippines and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) was dealt a large blow in late January with the non-passage of a diluted version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

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