Nursing professionalism essays

Send message Nursing Essay and Research Paper It is an open secret that these are the nurses who run the medical field. Nurses are the ones who are always there for the patients and their need. Therefore, nursing as a profession nowadays attracts more and more attention of conscientious people who understand all the significance of the occupation and feel compassion for human beings.

Nursing professionalism essays

Citation Manager Abstract Ensuring that nurses can practise according to the philosophical underpinnings of their profession is recognized as an important factor in job satisfaction and is therefore a key element of retention and recruitment of the nursing workforce. Creating a culture of excellence requires making explicit a set of values and performance expectations to which all nurses can subscribe and that influences practice behaviours.

The vice president and chief nursing officer of a large health region in Western Canada therefore sought to establish a foundation for building such a culture of excellence, through the creation of a mission, vision and Professional Practice Framework for the region's nurses.

The author describes the development of the nursing Professional Practice Framework for this health region, presents the results of a participatory approach to promoting nurses' ownership of the model and discusses plans for assessing the impact of the framework on nurses' practice and patient care.


The past decade in healthcare has been characterized by hospital restructuring, with mergers of previously independent organizations and their associated cultures into larger, regionalized entities. Concurrently, cutbacks due to fiscal constraints during the s contributed to heavy workloads, long hours and reported difficulty by nurses in carrying out their professional roles Baumann et al.

Recognizing the importance of practice environments that conform to the philosophy of care held by the nursing profession Baumann et al. A Nursing professionalism essays force was struck, with a mandate to complete a first draft of the framework by Nursing Week May This paper describes the process used to solicit input into the development of the framework and presents results of the participatory approach to obtaining ownership of the model by nurses.

It concludes with a brief commentary on plans for assessing the impact of the framework on nurses' practice and on patient care. Literature Support Ensuring that nurses can practise according to the philosophical underpinnings of their profession is recognized as an important factor in job satisfaction and hence is critical to retention and recruitment of the nursing workforce Baumann et al.

Employers share responsibility with nurses, professional associations and others for promoting environments that support quality professional practice Canadian Nurses Association Achieving high-quality healthcare requires that we make explicit the expectations related to professional nursing practice Ferguson-Pare et al.

Nurses' effectiveness in achieving the outcomes for which they are accountable is inextricably tied to the extent to which they can exercise control over the delivery of care for which they are responsible Hoffart and Woods Professional practice models generally address nurses' need for autonomy and accountability and are considered important to organizational empowerment of nurses and to the creation of effective work teams Spence Laschinger and Havens A set of values and performance expectations to which all nurses can subscribe and that influences practice behaviours is essential to creating a culture of excellence Kramer Achieving excellence in nursing practice was the aim in development of the Calgary Health Region Professional Practice Framework.

Through the development of this vision, it became apparent that a mission for nursing was also essential.

Nursing professionalism essays

As this work progressed, an evident need emerged to establish a definition of professional practice and a guideline or framework that nurses could utilize on a daily basis to achieve the vision and mission of nursing in the Region.

This foundational work is described in Figure 1. Vision and mission for nursing, Calgary Health Region Our vision for nursing: Excellent healthcare through professional nursing practice. We are committed to professional nursing practice that promotes quality, family-centred care and efficient and effective delivery of integrated services provided in collaboration with community partners and members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

The mission and vision formed the foundation on which development of the Professional Practice Framework was based. An important first step was to articulate clearly, in concise terms, the meaning of "professional nursing practice. Professional nursing practice is a commitment to compassion, caring and strong ethical values; continuous development of self and others; accountability and responsibility for insightful practice; demonstrating a spirit of collaboration and flexibility.

One of the main concerns of the task force mandated with the development of the Professional Practice Framework was that all nurses be given the opportunity for involvement in its development. Hence, a participatory approach was used to solicit nurses' input.

A number of focus groups were held, which were offered at different times of the day on various days of the week and at various sites across the Region.Professionalism in Nursing Professionalism. In order to understand the concept of professionalism, we first need to define the word profession.

Webster describes profession as a “chosen, paid occupation requiring prolonged training and formal qualification.” Related Essays.

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Professionalism in Nursing Essay Sample What is professionalism? The nursing profession began with a genuine desire to serve and care for others, combined with . Nursing Profession, Nursing Career - Professionalism in Nursing.

Nursing professionalism essays

My Account. Essay on Professionalism in Nursing. Essay on Professionalism in Nursing Nursing Essays] Strong Essays words ( pages) Nursing: A Profession of Art and Science Essay - Nursing is a dynamic profession built upon a foundation of art and science. It has adapted.

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