List and describe some of the options that facebook managers have in balancing privacy and profitabi

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List and describe some of the options that facebook managers have in balancing privacy and profitabi

Unive rsity of North Texas P. Box Address correspondence to John Kensinger at: When and How Abstract It is fundamental to good governance that corporate decision makers be well informed, have the knowledge-base necessa ry to use the information effectively, and share the same motivations as the owners.

Regarding the first part of the problem, value based inc entive systems have been under development in order to aid in resolving conflicts of interest between owners who lack the specific information or the background knowledge to utilize it and the managers who act as their agents.

Such systems often focus exclusively upon cash flows relative to resource investment; yet, share values are often substantially greater than the amount that could be explained by expected cash flows from existing operations.

Indeed, in some firms the majority of share value may de rive from growth opportunities or other real options that add flexibility or reduce risk.

Voluntary Disclosure of Real Options: When and Ho w 1. Introduction The accounting profession worldwide has been wrestling with the problem of disclosing information about the value of intangible assets. This problem is particularly evident in the case of young companies in emerging markets; but can appear across a wide spectrum of firms, even utilities struggling through process of deregulation.

Professional accounting organizations, in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and several European nations, have identified the real options approach as a promising avenue for resolving the problem. Voluntary disclosure decisions, in theory, involve balancing conflicting incentives associated with different audiences.

For instance, value can be added for shareholders because of the presence of an abandonment option that mitigates risk by allowing the firm to abandon an operation if it becomes chronically unprofitable. Disclosing this publicly could bring the benefit of more efficient equity valuation, but the benefit must be balanced with the costs associated with the reaction of employees who also learn about the option and the contingencies under which it would be exercised.

The study considers three target audiences: The more clearly these management contributions can be captured and recorded, the more pressing the concern about how much to disclose and when.

If managers choose not to disclose, they may still try to signal the presence of hidden value by other means. These efforts may even include attempts to manage the recognition of cash flows in order to stabilize earnings.

Such indirect methods for hinting at hidden value can create unintended mischief, and should not be used lightly. This paper attempts to develop such a framework for making decisions about the voluntary disclosure of information about real options.

Section 2 addresses the questions about how to do it. Section 3 addresses management incentives linked with real options the outcomes of which become the fodder for the report of activities related to the creation, maintenance, and exercise of real options.


Section 4 addresses links between real options and shareholder value which provides the basis for a narrative statement of position. Disclosing Real Options and Related Positions The purpose of this section is to consider the foundations of accounting standards for disclosing the value of real options a firm possesses.

List and describe some of the options that facebook managers have in balancing privacy and profitabi

Such standards would help not only with improved market discipline but also with better management incentives. There are at least three major requirements here.

First, there must be an audit trail that allows documentation of the value creation process. By extension, it must be possible to establish the provenance of the real options and recognize the various contributions made in their creation, maintenance, and exercise.

Third, sources of value associated with real options need to become widely recognized and be reflected in generally accepted accounting standards.Ans: Facebook’s privacy policy has never been simple to understand for its users, Facebook’s privacy policy has been strong and they have always tried to update their privacy policy according to their needs and for these reasons it has always been week%(20).

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In some countries there is no law for data and privacy protection, thus placing your datacenter there can have dramatic consequences. We had a case with one of our clients, who has recently opened a branch office in Asia, and all his servers were confiscated by local government without any proper reason or .

What management, organization, and technology factors have contributed to those weaknesses? 3. List and describe some of the options that Facebook managers have in balancing privacy and profitability.

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