Leadership and analysis

Awareness of US national security interests Foreign language capability Demonstrated ability to write clear, concise text Ability to work in a team environment Interest in a career that requires regular writing assignments All applicants must successfully complete: A thorough medical and psychological exam A polygraph interview A comprehensive background investigation To be considered suitable for Agency employment, applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last 12 months.

Leadership and analysis

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. ABE Defense Systems is a global organization and a premiere defense contractor, specializing in defense, aerospace and cyber security.

The leader selected is the director of the network operations center. The reason the director of network operations center was selected was to better understand the role and requirements of the position.

Leadership and analysis

It is among one of the largest defense contractors in the world with its largest operations in the United Kingdom and the United States. The company was formed about 20 years ago as a result of a merger of 2 British companies.

Since the merger, the organization has absorbed multiple aircraft, shipbuilding and armored vehicle companies. The organization is involved in many major defense projects around the world.

The organizations objectives are to provide premiere security and defense services and products. As previously described, the focus will be on the director of the network operations center for ABE Defense systems.

The network operations center is responsible for all break and fix IT issues in the enterprise. The director is responsible for helping maintain the high availability of IT services. The network operations center is responsible for the network, server and backup administration and functions within the enterprise.

These services are provided to the end users across the United States and ensure high availability of all required network resources. Since this is a global organization, employees working on a specific project, may be broken up and working from different locations.

Leadership Practices The leader selected for analysis is the director of the network operations center. The director can be described as a transactional leader.

This type of leadership is effective in crisis and emergency situations, as well as for projects that need to be carried out in a specific way.

As the director, he clearly defines the roles and tasks of subordinates, provides structure, rewards employees appropriately, and displays consideration for followers. Specific duties and task can be assigned to employees based on their skill set. If a member of the organization is more effective at preforming a specific task, he or she can be assigned the role of performing that particular task.

This person can be considered a subject matter expert and will have the ability to pass on their knowledge to fellow employees. An example of this is the organization uses a particular backup solution to save data and backup servers in the event of hardware failure. This backup solution is not easily implemented or maintained and a subject matter expert is needed for any unforeseen events that may take place.

The backup solution at times will fail and backups will not take place, leaving the most recent data that has not been backed up at risk. This happens quite often, as there are thousands of servers that require backups everyday. An assigned team member with in depth knowledge of the solution is able to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve issues much quicker then their colleagues.

As this person is solely assigned this role, the director is effectively using his skill to ensure backups are properly running, ensuring crucial data is not lost. Another example of assigning roles is the director has assigned teams leads for each function the network operations center performs.An Organizational Analysis of Leadership Effectiveness and Development Needs Prepared For LGI Sample Organization All Raters 12 March Number of Responses = 10 The Leadership Gap Indicator is a tool for assessing managers' views about their leadership development needs.

Managers assess the relative importance of select leadership. Organization and Leadership Analysis Essay Sample. Organization Overview. The organization chosen is ABE Defense Systems. ABE Defense Systems is a global organization and a premiere defense contractor, specializing in .

In , he founded Four Winds Research Corporation, a for profit research firm specializing in evaluation research, management information systems, and data analysis. In , he became President of the URSA Institute. 1 Introduction More often than not when conversation turns to politics and politicians, discussion focuses on personalities.

There is a certain fascination with analyzing political leaders. Leadership analysis is the art of breaking down a leader into basic psychological components for study and use by academics and practitioners. Good leadership analyses are not reductionist, but rather take into consideration the overall person in the context of the times, society, and culture from which they come.

The textual analysis also provides an analysis of the various dimensions of the group as well as for the group as a whole. Observations, strategies and recommendations to consider are offered as appropriate to the specific condition of the team.

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