Industrial design thesis project

This is a student project that was completed by one of the 4th year students in our programme. The realistic background for the project as well as the thorough process are typical for our programme of study. In recent years, very many young people have started using laptop computers, but most of the bags on the market have not kept up with this development. The zippers and closing mechanisms make the process of pulling out the laptop a troublesome and almost devout action.

Industrial design thesis project

Classes Industrial Design laboratories Project-based courses encourage the students to face challenging themes, closely related to the current design scene. These studio classes are intended to stimulate creative thinking, while rounding off sounder professional skills.

Students work in an international and multi-cultural environment and meet with the tutors and the colleagues to discuss, revise, constantly develop their work. Each laboratory covers all the phases in the design process, from the concept idea to the presentation of the project.

Current and recent projects - Industrial and Systems Engineering - Wayne State University Unlike a BFA degree, the MFA requires the completion of a thesis, and the second half of the graduate program is dedicated to the development of this. The most recent checkpoint I had to clear was Midpoint; basically a review of your work and skills to date, as well as a clearing ground for your upcoming project.
Industrial Design Thesis Project - Biobuild on Vimeo Program objectives Students majoring in industrial design will achieve the following learning outcomes.

A particular emphasis is given on the human behaviour and on the tangible and intangible interaction between people and the objects that surround them. Colour, material and finishings A growing attention to colours, materials and finishes marks a new breed of products, characterised by a strong emotional identity.

This area of study covers all the aspects of the language of colors, matter and surface finishing. The course supplies the skills for the analysis and the research of trends and guides the students to the definition of an effective sensorial palette.


Materials and Technologies The purpose of this content area is to convey a general understanding of the key role of materials and production processes for design applications.

Wide coverage is given to innovative, advanced and sustainable materials since their ever-increasing penetration in all industrial fields.

The course explores the most appropriate production technologies and transfers the essential knowledge — along with a number of practical examples of product development — to proceed to materials selection. Collectively, these lectures are purpose-built to the creation of a constructive and eclectic overview of effective material solutions, suitable for a wide range of design development practices and application fields or end products.

History and Culture of design This series of lectures and visits supplies the students with the critical tools to analyse the contemporary scene and orientate their design practice.

Computer Design The aim of the program is to help the students to gain a professional command of 3D software both for surface modelling and for photorealistic rendering and animation.

Computer generated objects enable the designers to examine the idea and to assess its form, its proportions and constructive elements. Students learn how to create virtual images, granting them highly photographic visual impact.

Industrial design thesis project

A specific attention is devoted to the processes for the creation of prototypes and 3D printed objects. Advanced visualization techniques This teaching area embraces different techniques to assess ideas and visualise effective solutions throughout the entire workflow.

Lessons are aimed at transferring the complete skillset to produce impactful visual presentations. Modelling The purpose of the modelling workshop is delivering the students with the practical abilities needed in order to create three-dimensional study-models or rough mock-up for presentations.

Industrial design thesis project

During the design process, modelling skills are a basic tool to verify the first ideas or refine them checking the volume and its proportions, the functional parts and their connections.

Students are presented a variety of production methodologies conventional and innovative and acquire technical and operational skills to produce their mock-ups independently.Industrial Design projects from the latest top online portfolios on Behance.

The best idea for industrial design senior thesis/capstone project is that you can choose the topic which best explains that what are your qualities and also your interest and passion. It should be the field in which you are interested and you wan. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Design take positions with design consulting offices, corporate design departments and government design agencies and work on consumer and industrial products, building and equipment systems, and public and corporate communication projects.

Below is a listing of recent graduate thesis documents produced by students in the Department of Design. (DAIM) indicates students from the Digital Animation and Interactive Media degree track. (DRD) indicates students from the Design Research and Development degree track.


Project-based theses and the most recent thesis documents may not appear in the state library database. Industrial design is a human-centered discipline which requires an understanding of the complex relationships between culture commerce and environment. Our varied and experienced faculty expose our students to the history, context and state of the art while imparting the skills necessary to compete as contemporary designers.

Industrial Design - Thesis, Thesis Projects Asli Ozcivelek is a 3rd year graduate student in Bruce Hannah’s Thesis class. Circumstancia is about looking at products within the context of their circumstances.

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