How to write a good sop for ms in mis

As I grew up watching my Father struggle to maintain his business records, I had hoped that the system of storing, maintaining the database and the retrieval of information would change as the record storage in the firm mostly took place on a physical level with hectic paperwork involved. Advancement in Technology lead to the development of many sophisticated systems and I experienced that things got easy for my Father. Physical storage of data in the form of files got changed into data storage in the form of computer files. As I saw this transition right in front of my eyes and the helpfulness and compactness of such systems, my penchant for handling and managing the data began to grow and I started to develop an intrest in Information systems.

This is only a sample and events and specifics may have been modified for the purpose of this sample. Statement of Purpose Management Information Systems is a rapidly emerging field.


What started years ago with manual systems like Customer Databases and Catalogues has evolved into modern concepts such as Predictive Data Mining. To keep up with the advancements in this field and prepare myself to meet the demanding standards of this industry, I wish to pursue a graduate program in Management Information Systems from your esteemed University.

In my high school, my keen interest in logically oriented subjects led me to take up Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as my major subjects. In my twelfth grade, as part of my Physics project, I had constructed logic gates and simple latches using basic circuit elements and was greatly amazed by the potential of the electrical and electronics stream.

how to write a good sop for ms in mis

Subsequently, I topped my school in the tenth and twelfth grade securing During my undergraduate studies at Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, I was excited by the diversity of the field of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.We will write a custom essay sample on SOP for ms in mis specifically for you for only $ $ I found this to be a very good opportunity to gain training and real time work experience in the Information Management domain with primary focus on DW/BI – Data warehousing/ Business Intelligence.

Statement of Purpose ; Example of. Now since the SOP to a large extent decides whether your application for the MS in MIS programe is accepted by a university, it has to be topnotch. In this eBook, we bring you a sample SOP for MS in MIS which would help you .

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For instance, the steps on how to write a SOP for a management program would be categorically different from the process of writing a SOP for an undergraduate course. And again, a SOP for a Master’s course would include the 5 steps but the approach would be different.

Sample SOP for MS in MIS (Management Information Systems) The following draft was submitted to one of the Top Universities in Singapore for the Masters in MIS Program.

This is only a sample and events and specifics may have been modified for . Sample SOP for MIS | Statement of Purpose | CMU , Sample SOPs; SAMPLE SOP FOR MIS |See the Sample SOP for MIS and learn how to create one. The student got admitted to the MS in MIS program at CMU with this SOP – created by Collegepond.| The different courses offered me a good understanding of the major I wish to pursue and developed a.

how to write a good sop for ms in mis

SOP or statement of purpose is an important part of your MS or PhD applications. We give tips on how to create a great SOP. Start Here; Counseling. Most of the schools now accept online applications, all you need is good internet access, valid email account and a credit card to pay the application fee in dollars.

Statement of Purpose.

Statement of Purpose for MIS - Management Information Systems