An analysis of the documentary trobriand cricket and an ingenious response to colonialism

With complex hybrid subject positions, indigenous filmmakers are often well positioned to critically engage the most challenging issues facing native communities today. These films also highlight limitations of disciplinary notions of the insider-—outsider distinction, ethnographic holism, and objectivity in visual anthropology. Unlike ethnographers—trained to ana- peoples, then why not get it firsthand?

An analysis of the documentary trobriand cricket and an ingenious response to colonialism

Village in Papua New Guinea Relates to: Gilbert Lewis "A detailed account of domestic life in the Sepik area of Papua New Guinea, mainly from the women's point of view.

The different stages of the preparation and cooking of sago are shown. The film closes with the puberty rite of a young girl. The Secrets of Male Initiation Relates to: Gilbert Herdt "High in the mountains of New Guinea live the Sambia people, a war-like tribe whose secret rituals of initiation are aimed at making their warriors courageous and bold.

Only because their culture is threatened have they allowed these initiation rites to be documented on film. This is a society where the roles of men and women are sharply delineated.

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They live in separate spaces in their round huts. A woman must crouch if she is in the same space as her husband.

Her menstrual blood is considered a pollutant, damaging to her husband's vigor. Male children live with their mothers until they are old enough to move to the boys' house.

An analysis of the documentary trobriand cricket and an ingenious response to colonialism

For many, the separation from their mother is very painful. When it is time for the boys to become men, they undergo a severe initiation. Each is assigned an older guardian who accompanies him during this process.

They are thrashed, deprived of food and sleep and have ginger root rubbed into wounds, which is very painful. The most secret part of the initiation are the sexual rites, which are described by several initiates. Guardians of the Flutes is a fascinating look at a society helped by the ritualized distinction between male and female roles.

The modern cash economy and a traditional economy based around shell money, banana leaf bundles and pig tusks. But there exists no legitimate system of exchange between the two. Henry Tokabak dreams of creating a bank where people can exchange their shell money for cash.

He feels that the global economy takes a heavy toll on indigenous people. They build their houses, farm their land and barter for any extra items. They need cash only for transportation, school fees and taxes.

However, by standards set by the global economy they are cash poor. Henry's dream is frustrated by the regulation of the banking business. Even the work "bank" cannot be used to describe his operation. Further hindering his crusade is his pending court case for misappropriating public funds to establish an informal bank.

Yet Henry has the support of many in his community. Sarah, a successful storekeeper on the Trobriand Islands, deals with both currencies and agrees on the need for such an institution. A provocative film for both anthropology and economics classes.

Dennis O'Rourke "Cannibal Tours is two journeys. The first is that depicted - rich and bourgeois tourists on a luxury-cruise up the mysterious Sepik River, in the jungles of Papua New GuineaProduct Description. One of the world’s best-known and most honored ethnographic films, this classic documentary depicts the many modifications made by Trobriand Islanders, in Papua New Guinea, to the traditional British game of cricket.

Trobriand cricket an ingenious response to colonialism Jerry W Leach An ethnological study of the changes made by the Trobriand Islanders to the game of cricket, which was introduced to them by Methodist missionaries. This paper explains that, in the film "Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism", made in by anthropologist Jerry W.

Leach and filmmaker Gary Kildea, the film narrative is devoted primarily to the historical context of the cricket game in the Trobriands, providing an illustration of some of the processes of cultural diffusion. Melanesian Films and Videos Maring in Motion: A Choreometic Analysis of Movement Style Among a New Guinea People; Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism; VHS; DVD; Film; Trobriand Islanders: An Ethnographic Film () Trobriand Islanders of Papua New Guinea ().

I do not deny that Trobriand cricket was, as the subtitle of the film plainly says, ‘an ingenious response to colonialism’. I simply wish to reaffirm that it was, indeed, a response, the particular circumstances of which have been effectively erased in conventional anthropological appreciations of the game.

In the film, “Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism,”1 a team of anthropologists document the history and practice of cricket games the Trobriand tribe of New Guinea play.

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