Aaas minority science writers internship

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Aaas minority science writers internship

Origins and Futures News to Note: Origins and Futures Dear Colleagues, The AAAS Meeting will bring together an exceptional array of speakers addressing some of the most crucial and timely areas of science, technology, and engineering. New understanding of the processes that fascinated Darwin continues to be the focus of intense research years later.

Indeed every discipline can demonstrate its own unique evolutionary path and speculate on where it may lead. Typically, the meeting includes up to 10, participants and hundreds of members of the national and international media, as well as exhibitors from aaas minority science writers internship universities and research centers.

It offers unparalleled networking opportunities. More details can be found onlineincluding how sustainability science, an emerging field, has found a home.

The Annual Meeting reflects tremendous efforts from the AAAS sections, divisions, and committeeswhich we gratefully acknowledge. I also extend a personal thanks to the members of the Scientific Program Committee who reviewed and assembled the many excellent ideas and proposals into this outstanding meeting.

I urge you to join us in Chicago, James J. You can review the Annual Meeting program, develop your personal itinerary, and register at www. Harald zur Hausen of Germany, a virologist, was recognized for discovering that the human papillomavirus HPV can cause cervical cancer.

He explained the contribution of viruses to the development of human tumors in the 22 November issue of Science. Chalfie and a team of researchers reported in Science in that they had achieved the insertion of the gene that controls the florescent protein into the Caenorhabditis elegans worm.

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Read more about these and other winners. The AAAS report concludes that "initial concentrated damage to the city of Tskhinvali and small amounts of damage in outlying areas had occurred by 10 August.

By 19 August, a much broader range of destruction occurred…other significant signs of military actions were also shown to have occurred in the region. To give teachers simple tools that mix science, engineering, and problem solving, AAAS hosted a two-day seminar, "Engineering Is Elementary," organized by the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts.

For example, a small boat fashioned from everyday materials can teach the science of wind energy along with the engineering of sails. Teachers can order lessons and materials from the project. Abelson Seminar Addresses Science, Stress, and Human Health Ten speakers presented new insights into human stress that may promise advances in treating and coping with anxiety-related disorders, trauma caused by war or natural disasters, and addiction.

Abelson, who died infounded and sponsored the seminar series to showcase innovative approaches to existing challenges. Read more and watch videotaped presentations on promising new efforts to combat stress-related conditions.

AAAS Arctic Division Meeting Explores Unprecedented Change Arctic sea ice has shrunk to the second smallest size on record as climate change tests the resilience of the environment and the people of the far north.

New open sea lanes also could increase pressure to drill in fragile Arctic ecosystems to tap undiscovered oil and gas, creating an expansion of global geopolitical and economic interests.

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Read more about the sweeping effects, from disruption of subsistence hunting and fishing in rural cultures to US security and sovereignty concerns. These organizations include national human rights institutions and United Nations Field Offices throughout the world.

Life, physical, behavioral, and social scientists, as well as engineers, technicians, medical professionals, and public health practitioners are invited to join.

Read more about "On-call" Scientists and the program to expand science in the service of human rights, and sign-up to volunteer. Recent lectures addressing graduate students and researchers in Beijing and Shanghai noted that these challenges are shared by the United States, as developed countries must join forces with developing countries to create a planet "in which we are not threatened by instabilities and catastrophes caused by our common neglect of our common problems.

Read more about the effort. Read the letter to Obama. AAAS stands ready to speak on behalf of the science and technology community during and following the postelection transition period. Improving Ethics Panels that Oversee Social Science Researchers Established in the s in response to abuses in biomedical research, the institutional review boards IRBs that oversee federally funded studies involving human subjects often take a heavy-handed approach toward social science projects that pose minimal or no risk to participants.

aaas minority science writers internship

Whether the problem is the actual regulations or their application was among the topics of a September meeting of the AAAS Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, which grappled with how to improve the performance of ethics panels.

While some research institutions have reduced the amount of time to answer requests for expedited review, other social and behavioral science researchers have experienced months of delay which can jeopardize project funding, according to a summary prepared for the AAAS committee.

Read more about strategies to improve ethics panels. The balance between scientific freedom and responsibility is central to the core mission - to assure that arbitrary demands on proposed research do not result in inappropriately altering or unduly delaying valuable scientific advances.

Two of the four discussions are highlighted below. Sustainably Delivering Energy in the Developing World World political and economic issues must be resolved in the global effort to find abundant, affordable, secure energy sources of limited threat to the environment, according to experts at a recent AAAS seminar.The Internship takes place at the Washington, D.C.

headquarters of AAAS?s Science magazine, the largest interdisciplinary journal in the world.

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The program is a paid, week experience under the guidance of the weekly magazine's award-winning staff of professional science writers and editors.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) offers volunteer and paid internships throughout the year, including Science News Writing Internship, Science Web Editorial Internship, The AAAS Minority Science Writers Internship, Office of Government Relations Internship, and much more.

These are Internships that address the intersection between science, technology, and public. AAAS Minority Science Writers Internship (/content/aaas-minority-science-writers-internship) Science Policy Office of Government Relations (OGR) Internship (/node/) (Apply directly to OGR). AAAS offers the Minority Science Writers Internship for students who are interested in pursuing a career in science journalism.

It is open to any minority undergraduate with a serious interest in science . The Internship takes place at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of AAAS’s Science magazine, the largest interdisciplinary journal in the world.

The program is a paid, week experience under the guidance of the magazine’s award-winning staff of professional science writers and editors. AAAS Minority Writers Internship: Applications Deadline 1 March The journal Science invites minority undergraduate students with a serious interest in science writing and journalism as a career to apply for a week paid summer internship, including travel to Washington, D.C.

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