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Candida is the most dangerous of all the germs that can take over your intestinal tract after being treated with Antibiotics,Cipro or doxycycline.

A questionaire on the micro small

Candida is the most dangerous of all the germs that can take over your intestinal tract after being treated with Antibiotics,Cipro or doxycycline. It is a member of the vegetable family.

It is a cousin to "molds". Yeasts are among the oldest living life forms on earth. They are a single celled life form containing no chlorophyll.

A questionaire on the micro small

There are many different types of yeast. Yeasts are common on plant leaves and flowers, on the surfaces of skin and the intestinal tract of animals. The type of yeast that we use to make bread or brew alcoholic beverages is different then Candida.

These are thought as food yeasts. Candida is not a food yeast. It is not allowed to be used in the making bread or beer etc.

Candida is thought of as pathogenic yeast.

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Pathogenic means that it can cause disease. Candida is referred to as "dimorphic", which means it can exist or live in 2 different states or forms. As"yeast" it is a single cell plant life.

It has a large, round, thick spore that is shaped like a chicken egg. It is asexual, which means it does not need a mate to reproduce.

It reproduces by "budding" or growing buds. Do you recall seeing buds forming on the branches of trees or plants? As it grows it resembles a bunch of grapes. As it spreads it grows more branches, which then "buds" more bunches of "grapes". This is the way Candida appears in its other form or state, which is "fungal".

Here it looks like lots of little beads strung together by threads. Just like there are safe yeasts, there are safe fungus. Mushrooms are an example of a fungus, which does not produce disease. Eating mushrooms will not cause candida. Candida eats sugars and some fats that way animals do.

This is how it feeds. Candida loves the dark, warm and moist environment of the intestines. It attaches itself to the intestinal wall and when it is in the fungal form tries to bury itself deep into your intestinal lining.

It grows roots like a weed digging into the lining of your intestinal tract looking for food. When it does this it produces infections and illness in your body. Candida albicans is a dimorphic organism. This means that under normal conditions it is a sugar fermenting budding yeast. In acidic pH or when our immune system is weakened, it shifts into its fungal form and becomes pathogenic disease causing, harmful.

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This condition is known as candidiasis. When the protection of the useful microbes and that of the intestinal lining is impaired, proliferation of harmful organisms starts dysbiosis. Candida transforms itself from a harmless yeast form to a pathogenic fungal form, a condition called candidiasis.

Antibiotics contribute to this state twofold. They kill or suppress many of the useful bacteria in the intestines together with the bacteria they were supposed to kill elsewhere in the body and also serve as growth promoting factors for candida.

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