A biography of toni morrison a writer

She is the second of four children in a working-class, African-American family. Her father grew up in Georgia. When he was about 15, white people lynched two black businessmen who lived on his street.

A biography of toni morrison a writer

She is best known for her novels focusing on intimate relationships, especially between men and women.

Toni Morrison

These stories are set against the backdrop of African American culture. She was the second of four children born to Ramah and George Wofford.

Her mother's parents, Ardelia and John Solomon Willis, had left Greenville, Alabama, around after they lost their farm because of debts that they could not repay. Morrison's father's family left Georgia and moved north to escape sharecropping a system of farming in which a farmer works on someone else's land and pays the owner a share of the crop and violence against African Americans in the South.

Both families settled in the steel-mill town of Lorain on Lake Erie. Morrison grew up during the Great Depression in the s, a time of severe economic hardship.

Her father supported the family by working three jobs for seventeen years. Folklore, music, and history Morrison's childhood was filled with African American folklore, music, rituals, and myths.

God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

Her family was, as Morrison says, "intimate with the supernatural" and frequently used visions and signs to predict the future. Storytelling was an important part of life in the Wofford family and both the children and the adults would share stories with one another.

Morrison sees her writing functioning much like storytelling did in the past. It reminds people about their heritage and shows them their place in the community. She has said that she uses her childhood memories to help her start writing. Her real-life world, therefore, is often included in her novels.

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Once Morrison learned how to read, it became one of the things in life that she loved spending time doing. When she was in high school, she began to read the works of great authors such as Jane Austen —Leo Tolstoy —and the nineteenth-century French writer Gustave Flaubert — Morrison was impressed by the specific way these writers portrayed the things that they were familiar with.

Their talents motivated her to write in such a way about the things she was most familiar with, particularly her African American culture.

She changed her name to Toni because people at Howard had trouble pronouncing the name Chloe.

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While at Howard she was a member of the Howard University Players, a theater company that presented plays about the lives of African American people. Morrison received her bachelor of arts degree in English from Howard in Then she returned to Howard University to teach.Toni Morrison was born in Lorain, Ohio, to Ramah (née Willis) and George Wofford.

She is the second of four children in a working-class, African American family. Her mother was born in Greenville, Alabama, and moved north with her family as a child.

Spare and unsparing, God Help the Child—the first novel by Toni Morrison to be set in our current moment—weaves a tale about the way the sufferings of childhood can shape, and misshape, the life of the adult.

Spare and unsparing, God Help the Child is a searing tale about the way childhood.

A biography of toni morrison a writer

Biography of Toni Morrison Chloe Anthony Wofford, later known as Toni Morrison, was born in Lorain, Ohio, on February 18, She was the daughter of a shipyard welder and a religious woman who sang in the church choir.

A New York Times Notable Book A Miami Herald Best Book of the Year In this deeply personal book, the celebrated Haitian-American writer Edwidge Danticat reflects on art and exile.

Inspired by Albert Camus and adapted from her own lectures for Princeton University’s Toni Morrison Lecture Series, here Danticat tells stories of artists who .

A biography of toni morrison a writer

Toni Morrison Biography. Writer. Name at birth: Chloe Anthony Wofford.


Toni Morrison is a literary giant of the s and s, and all the more famous for being both a woman and an African-American. Her book Beloved won the Pulitzer Prize; in she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. In contrast, Morrison's mother, Ramah, a more educated, trusting person than her husband, was a gentler, less confrontational parent to young Chloe Anthony Wofford, who would become world-renowned Toni Morrison, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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